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IUBMB Committee on Education

All applications for sponsorship should be sent to Dr. Cecilia Hidalgo.
 Further information can be obtained in the Guidelines

Future Educational Activities

Free radicals and diseases:
gene expression, cellular metabolism and pathophysiology

Spetses, Greece,
September 20 - 26, 2019

Tilman Grune
Research Institute of Environmental Medicine (IUF)
Molecular Aging Research
Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf
Auf’Hennekamp 50
40225 Düsseldorf, Germany
Tel.: +49-211- 3389 297
Fax: +49-211-3389 222
E-mail: [email protected] 

Deadline for applications: July 1, 2019

Here is the link to the website of the Course

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education

(Conference held within the Annual meeting of the Chilean Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)

Pucón, Chile
September 29 - October 2, 2019

Dr. Luz M. Pérez
Universidad Andrés Bello
Sazie 2325
Santiago - Chile
Tel: +56-2-6618411
Fax: +56-2-6618390
e-mail: [email protected]

Education in the Molecular Biosciences

(This session is part of the activities of the II International Symposium of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,
to be held during the V International Congress of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering)

La Habana, Cuba
October 18 –  22, 2019

Dr. Maria E. Lanio
Organizing Committe
Universidad de La Habana
Facultad de Medicina,
La Habana, Cuba,

E-mail: [email protected] and [email protected]

Here is the link to the website of the Symposium!

Third International Workshop on Iron and Copper Metabolism

Pucón, Chile
November 10-15, 2019

Dr. Marco T. Núñez
Head, Chilean Organizing Committee
Departamento de Biología- Millennium Institute CBB
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de Chile
Phone: +56 2 678-7360
Fax: +56 2 271-2983

E-mail: [email protected]

Undergraduate Biochemistry Education: Trends, Techniques and use of Technology.

(Held within the 17th FAOBMB Symposium / 2nd IUBMB Special Meeting)

Bangkok, Thailand
November 22- 26, 2019

 Dr. Susan Hamilton
Faculty of Biological and Chemical Sciences
The University of Queensland
St. Lucia, Queensland
Telephone +61 (0) 7 33653353
Fax +61 (0) 7 33651613
email: [email protected] 

Further information is available here! (pdf 463KB)