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Journals published on behalf of IUBMB

For further information please follow the links to the homepages of the individual journals

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education

The former journal published on behalf of IUBMB, Biochemical Education, has been reorganized and its title changed to reflect a broadened scope. The aim of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education (BAMBEd) is to assist in the teaching of biochemistry and molecular biology at the college, graduate school and medical school level throughout the world. The main intended audience of BAMBEd is instructors at universities and colleges who teach biochemistry, molecular biology, and related fields such as microbiology and cell biology. Articles are welcomed on teaching techniques and practice in all areas related to these fields, and on methods of assessment of the effectiveness of new educational approaches. Articles are also encouraged on research in biochemistry and molecular biology education. Short reviews will be accepted or solicited from time to time on key areas of biochemical knowledge from workers active in the field. Such reviews are intended to provide background material for the preparation of lectures. Articles providing details of simple, tried and tested, laboratory experiments are especially encouraged. Those interested in secondary school outreach may submit papers aimed at increasing awareness of college and university faculty toward possibilities for contributing to the ongoing education of secondary school teachers.

Each issue will contain reviews of books and other teaching aids such as websites, videotapes, transparency/slide sets and computer software. Many of the pages will contain full-color figures. There is also a companion website that will contain two levels of access: Full-text access is available to all materials for subscribers and access to the Table of Contents and Abstracts is available for all visitors. In addition, a fully accessible section of the website is being developed that will be updated frequently and will contain reviewed multimedia materials such as computer graphics-based tutorials on macromolecular structure and Java- and Shockwave-based tutorials on most aspects of biochemistry and molecular biology. We hope that this new site for instructional tools will become a general repository for multimedia materials valuable to biochemical educators.

Submitted articles will be reviewed and turned around within six weeks. Manuscripts (three copies on 8.5x11 inch or A4 paper) containing new ideas concerning any aspect of interest to biochemistry and/or molecular biology educators, including laboratory class experiments, are welcomed and should be sent to the new editorial office at the following address:
Professor Donald Voet
Department of Chemistry
University of Pennsylvania
231 South 34th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

While electronic submission procedures are only being tested at the moment, authors are encouraged to e-mail submissions as attachments in Microsoft Word or WordPerfect format to [email protected] 

Please attach color figures if you feel that they will add educational value to your material.

IUBMB Life (Taylor and Francis Journals Inc)

IUBMB Life is devoted to the rapid publication of the most novel and significant Original Research Articles, Critical Reviews and Hypothesis Papers in the broadly defined fields of  biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and molecular medicine.

IUBMB Life especially encourages articles that integrate several biological disciplines, or which successfully relate basic biology to human pathology or medicine. All articles are reviewed rapidly by acknowledged experts and, if accepted, are published in as few as four months. Consistent with the ideals of IUBMB, papers are published on the basis of exceptional scientific merit, originality, and wide biological significance.

The editors-in-chief are:

Dr. Angelo Azzi, Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Bern, Bühlstrasse 28, CH-3012 Bern (Switzerland); 
Phone: +41-31-631-4131; Fax: +41-31-631-3737; 
E-mail: [email protected] 

Dr. William J. Whelan, University of Miami School of Medicine , P.O. Box 016129 (M823), Miami, FL 33101-6129, USA; Courier address:  Gautier Bldg., Room 317, 1011 NW 15th Street, Miami, FL 33136, USA
Phone: +1-305-243-6267; Fax: + 1-305-324-5665; 
E-mail: [email protected] 

IUBMB Life is published by Taylor and Francis, 4 Park Square, Milton Park, Oxfordshire, OX14 4RN; UK Contact email: [email protected]
Free online access will be offered with every institutional subscription

Here is the link to the Online Edition !

BioFactors (IOS Press)

BioFactors is an international journal aimed at identifying and increasing our understanding of the precise biochemical effects and roles of the large number of trace substances that are required by living organisms. These include vitamins and trace elements, as well as growth factors and regulatory substances made by cells themselves. The elucidation, in a particular organism or cell line, of the roles of substances active in trace quantities, is frequently applicable directly to many other forms of life.
In keeping with this unified view of biochemistry, BioFactors publishes articles dealing with the identification of new substances and the elucidation of their functions at the basic biochemical level as well as those revealing novel functions of trace substances already known.

Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry (Portland Press)

Biotechnology and Applied Biochemistry publishes scholarly articles relating to commercial biotechnology and applied biochemistry, for example, the development of cell culture systems to provide biotherapeutics of established commercial value, the downstream processing of naturally occurring macromolecules and synthetic macromolecules, including purification, formulation and validation studies. Characterization studies will be expected to address directly regulatory and clinical issues.
The journal also publishes Commentary from members of the commercial biotechnology community on registration and clinical matters. Mini-reviews provide the reader with timely updates in fast-moving areas.
The focus of the journal is directed towards the publication of original articles and reviews concerning the expression, purification, characterization and application of biological macromolecules in therapeutics and diagnostics. While it is anticipated that the majority of the articles will focus on human disease, including medicine and dentistry, articles relating to veterinary medicine will also be included. The scope of biological macromolecules includes proteins, polysaccharides and other carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids of biological origin, either naturally occurring, such as in blood plasma or other biological fluids, or expressed in eukaryotic or prokaryotic systems. It is expected that articles to be considered for publication in the journal will have direct and immediate relevance to the development, manufacture and registration of such macromolecules.

Molecular Aspects of Medicine (Elsevier Sciences)

It is the primary objective of this publication to encourage the bridging of the gap between clinicians of all relevant specialities and biomedical scientists working in areas from biochemistry and molecular and cell biology to physiology, pharmacology and pathology. A spectrum of topics in medicine will be selected to illustrate not only the molecular insights that derive from the application of basic science, but also the variety of challenging problems that medicine is able to offer the basic scientist.

The Editors and publisher anticipate that most of the authors contributing to the series will be practising clinical scientists who will develop their own personal perspective as an extended review on the molecular aspects of a field of medicine in which they are working, addressing themselves both to the doctor who is ill-at-ease with basic science, and to the basic scientist with little awareness of the problems of clinical practice.

Trends in Biochemical Sciences (Elsevier Sciences)

Trends in Biochemical Sciences (TIBS) is an official publication of the IUBMB from Elsevier Science. Every month, TIBS publishes short reviews, comment and analysis on the cutting edge of biochemistry and molecular biology research in an easy-to-read, full-colour format. Authors are encouraged to write articles for a broad audience, making TIBS an easy way to keep up with important discoveries in biochemistry, and an excellent teaching tool for lecturers and their students. TIBS presents regular feature articles on signal transduction, protein structure, molecular biology on the Internet, transcription and translation.

BioEssays (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.)

Editor: Adam S. Wilkins, Cambridge, United Kingdom

 BioEssays is one of the highest-ranking journals in biology with an Impact Factor of 7.906*.  It provides a unique combination of scholarship and new ideas, exploring a wide range of topics. With its insightful coverage, researchers depend on each issue to learn the impact of the latest findings and how they fit within the broader context of discoveries in biology. BioEssays publishes articles on every development in contemporary biology including genetics, molecular and cell biology, and physiology.  It is an excellent combination of reviews, research articles, and updates on what's new in the field, providing you with everything you need to know in one convenient source.

 Key Features

  • All reviews and articles are carefully referenced and edited to the highest standards.

  • Covering a broad range of subject areas, you'll find intriguing information on special topics including advances in genomics and applied biological science. Highly-accessible approach, complete with full-color illustrations and photos, ensures readers of all levels gain a better understanding of what's going on in bioscience.

 *According to the 2000 ISI Journal Citation Reports.