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Wood-Whelan Awardees


Fellowships are listed in the following format:

Title and duration of a research project

Recipient (Award in US$)

Host supervisor

Fellowships in 2018

Evolution of CRIT, a complement blocking protein from human and Schistosoma;
2 months

Sigran Lange (796)
Institute for Experimental Pathology
University of Iceland
Keldur v. Vesturlandsveg
112 Reykjavik
E-mail: [email protected]
Jameel Inal
University Hospital Basel
Immunonephrology, Department of Research
1 lebelstrasse 20
4031 Basel
E-mail: [email protected]

Imaging analysis of a role for a novel protein Kinesin Related Protein in intracellular trafficking of the estrogen receptor; 7 weeks

Galina Luboshits (829)
Department of Cell and Develop. Biology
Sackler School of Medicine
Tel Aviv University
Ramat Aviv 69978
E-mail: [email protected]
Gordon Hage
NCI center for Cancer Research, NIH
Bldg 41 room B602
41 Library Dr. MSC 5055
Bethesda MD 20892-5055
E-mail: [email protected]

Investigation on EFG-stimulated epithelial to mesenchyme trasition: Effects of overexpression of RASSflc and/or Usp2-69 in NBT-II cell line; 1 month

Natalia Gousseva (1623)
Molecular Biosciences Department
John Curtin School of Medical Researc
Australia National University
Canberra 2601
E.mail: [email protected]
Brigitte Boyer
Institut Curie
Laboratoire Raymond LATARJET
Centre Universitaire
91405 Orsay Cedex
Fax: 01 69 07 45 25

Fellowships in 2002

Structure-function relationship in E. coli pyridoxine 5’-phosphate oxidase; 1.5 months

Martino di Salvo (665)
Department of Biological Science
University of Rome La Sapienza
Via Festo Avieno, 73.00136,
E-mail: [email protected]
Verne Schirch
Department of Biochem .& Mol.Biophysics
Virginia Commonwealth University
E-mail: [email protected]

The innate complement systems of cod and halibut; 2 months

Sigrun Lange (774)
Institute for Experimental Pathology
University of Iceland
Keldur v. Vesturlandsveg, 112
Fax: +354-5674714
E.mail: [email protected]
Alister W. Dodds
MRC Immunochemistry Unit
Department of Biochemistry
University of Oxford
South Parks Road, OX1 3QU
E-mail: [email protected]

Study on changes in the cellular protein levels upon overexpression of BRCA1 in a mammalian cell line; 3 months

Smita Lakhotia (1590)
Department of Microbiology & Cell Biology
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560012
E-mail: [email protected]
Arul Chinnaiyan
Department of Pathology
The University of Michigan Health Center
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-0602
E-mail: [email protected]

Molecular interaction of Rab22a with Rab5/Rab7 in the regulation of endosomal trafficking; 3 months

Rosana Mesa (952)
Instituto de Histologia y Embriologia
CONICET Casilla de correo 56
Facultad de Ciencias Medicas
Universidad Nacional de Cuyo
Mendoza 5500
E-mail: [email protected]
Philip D. Stahl
Department of Cell Biology and Physiology
Washington University School of Medicine
University Medical Center, Campus Box 8228
660 S.Euclid Ave.
St. Louis, Missouri 63110-1093
E-mail: [email protected]

Laser flash photolysis measurements of Anabaena FNR mutants t position Tyr303;
1 month

Isabel Nogues (934)
Department of Biochemistry &
Molecular and cellular Biophysics
University of Zaragoza
50009 Zaragoza
E-mail: [email protected]
Gordon Tollin
Department of Biochemistry & Mol. Biophysics
Biosciences West Bldg., Rm 449
University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ 85721
E-mail: [email protected]


Fellowships in 2001

Biochemical analysis on phosphorylated forms of MARCKS in chick nervous tissues;
 1 month

Flavio R. Zolessi (1019)
Laboratorio de Cultivo de Tejidos
Seccion Biologia Cellular, Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay
Igua 4225, Montevideo 11400
Fax: +5982-525 8617
E-mail: [email protected]
Ulf Hellman
Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research

Box 595, SE-751 24 Uppsala
Fax: +46 18 160420
E-mail: [email protected]

Mechanisms determining cell fate choice in the Drosophila olfactory system; 4 months

Sen Anindya Kumar (1500)
Department of Biological Sciences
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Homi Bhabha Road,
Colaba, Mumbai 400005
Fax: +91-22-2152110
E.mail; [email protected]
Andrew Jarman
Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology
Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology
Michael Swann Building
Edinburgh EH9 3JR
E-mail: Andrew.[email protected]

Characterization of the intracellular GLUT4 glucose transporter compartment(s) and GLUT4 traffic in cultured muscle cells; 5 weeks

Varinder K. Randhawa (469)
Hospital for Sick Children
Programme in Cell Biology
McMaster Building Room 5001
555 University Avenue, Toronto
FAX: +1-416-813-5028
E-mail: [email protected]
Timothy McGraw
Department of Biochemistry & Structure Biology
Weill Medical College and Graduate School of Medical Sciences
Cornell University
1300 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021-4896
FAX: +1-212-746-8875
E-mail: [email protected]

Regulation of Hid-induced apoptosis in mammalian cells; 3 months

Jishy Varghese (1270)
National Centre for Biological Sciences
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Bangalore 560065
Fax: +91-80-3636662
E-mail: [email protected]
Peter Vandenabeele
Department of Molecular Biology
Interuniversity Institute for Biotechnology
University of Gent (RUG)
K.L.Ledeganckstraat 35, B-9000 Gent
Fax: +32-9-2645348
E-mail: [email protected]

Fellowships in 2000

Isolation and characterization of A. thaliana mutants affecting pigment formation and chloroplast biogenesis; 3 months

Maria Gutierrez-Nava (477)

Department of Plant Molecular Biology

Institute of Biotechnology, UNAM

Av. Universidad 2001, Chamilpa

Cuernavaca, Morelos 62250


Fax: +52-73-139988

E-mail: [email protected] 

Chris Somerville

Department of Plant Biology

Carnegie Institution of Washington

260 Panama Street

Stanford, California 94305-4101

U. S. A

Fax: +1-650-325-6857

E:[email protected] 

Communication between mitochondria during apoptosis: Investigation of the role of cytochrome c; 1 month

Maggie Lum (1000)

Department of Biochem. & Mol. Biol.

Monash University

3/1 Donald St. Clayton

Victoria 3168

Fax: +61-3-95456038

E-mail: [email protected] 

Douglas R. Green

Department of Cellular Immunology

La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology

10355 Science Center Drive

San Diego, California 92121

Fax: +1-858-558-3525



Study of hydrolytics parietal enzymes during Xanthosoma sagittifolium/Pythium myriotylum interaction; 2 months

Boudjeko Thaddee (1600)

Department of Biological Sciences

Faculty of Sciences

University of Yaounde I

P.O.Box 47, Yaounde


Fax: +237-20-8570

Pierre A. Balange

Cell Physiology: Signals and Regulation

University of Rouen



e-mail: [email protected] 

Molecular characterization of site-directed mutations introduced at the Micophthalmia (Mitf) locus in the mouse; 4 months

Jon H. Hallsson (1000)

Department of Biochemistry

and Molecular Biology

Faculty of Medicine

University of Iceland

Vatnsmyrarvegi 16

101 Reykjavik, ICELAND

e-mail: [email protected]

Heinz Arnheiter

National Institutes of Health

NINDS, Building 36, Room 5D04

36 Convent Dr. MSC4160

Bethesda MD 20892-4160




Roles of proton signal and pHi regulation in the morphological differentiation in Dictyostelium; 3 months

Jyoti K. Jaiswal (1200)

Dept. of Molecular Reproduction

Development and Genetics

Indian Institute of Science

Bangalore 560 012


Fax: +91-80-3600683

Harry MacWilliams

Zoologisches Institut


Luisenstrasse 14, 80333 Munchen


Tel: +49-89-5902-503

e-mail: [email protected] 

Determination of a role of distinct PKC isoforms in the potentiation of retinoic acid-induced HL-60 cell differentiation; 3 months

Irina Sorokina (480)

Lab of Developmental Biology

Institute of Biochemistry

Mokslininku 12, Vilnius 2600


Fax: +370-2-729 196

E-mail: [email protected] 

A. Verkleij

department of Molecular Biology

Institute of Biomembranes

Utrecht University

P.O.Box 80 056, 350S Utrecht


Fax: +31-30-251 3655

Morphological studies on the PI3-kinase-dependent, insulin-induced reorganization of the cortical actin cytoskeleton for GLUT4 translocation; 1 month

Zayna A. Khayat (457)

The Hospital for sick Children

Cell Biology Section

555 University Avenue

Tronto, Ontario M5G 1X8


Fax: +1-416-813-5028

E-mail: [email protected]

Robert J. Bloch

Department of Physiology

University of Maryland

School of Medicine

Baltimore, MD 21201-1559


Fax: +1-410-706-8341


A proteomic study of Glccer -/- mouse embryonic stem cells: Roles of glycosphingolipids for intracellular protein trafficking; 3 months

Jose L. Daniotti (1609)

Faculty of chemical Sciences

University of Cordoba

Cordoba 5000


FAX: +54-35-1433-4074

E-mail: [email protected]

Richard L. Proia

National Inst. Diabetes, Digestive

and Kidney Diseases, NIH

Bethesda, MD 20892


Fax: +1-301-496-0839

E-mail: [email protected]

Cell biological studies on rab22 in vesicular protein transport; 3 months

Rosana A. Mesa (1395)

Facultad de Ciencias Medicas


Mendoza 5500


Fax: +54-261-4411917

E-mail: [email protected]

Enrique Rodriguez-Boulan

Department of Ophthalmology

Cornell University

1300 York avenue New York 

NY 10021, USA

Fax: +1-212-746-8101

E-mail: [email protected]

Roles in endosome fusion of the invariant chain of a type II transmembrane glycoprotein: A study with an in vitro assay; 2 months

Tommy W. Nordeng (685)

Dev. Of Mol. Cell Biology

Dept. of Biology, University of Oslo

Blindern, 0316 Oslo


Fax: +47 22 85 46 05

E-mail: [email protected]

Jean-Pierre Gorvel

Centre d’Immunogie de Marseille-Luminy

Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique

Case 906-13288 Marseille Cedex


Fax: +33 491 26 94 30

Fellowships in 1999

Interaction of pregnancy zone protein (PZP) with neurotrophic factors; 4 months

Gustavo A. Chiabrando (1700)
Departamento de Bioquimica Clinica
Universidad Nacional de Cordoba
Ciudad Universitaria, Cp 5000 Cordoba
Phone: 54-351-4334164
Fax: 54-351-4334174

Peter H. Koo
Northeastern Ohio Universities
College of Medicine
4209 State Route 44, P.O.Box 95
Rootstown, OH 44272, USA
Phone: 1-330-325-6136
Fax: 1-330-325-5914

Development of capillary electrophoresis-based immunoassays for the detection of drugs and food contaminations; 3 months

Ciaran F. Duffy (900)
School of Biotechnology
Dublin City University
Dublin 9, IRELAND
Phone: 353-1-7045284
Fax: 353-1-7045412

Edgar A. Arriaga
Department of Chemistry
University of Minnesota
207 Pleasant Street S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0431, U.S.A.
Fax: 1-612-626-7541

Atherogenic alteration of low density lipoprotein: Lipid peroxidation versus protein modification; 3 months

Judith S. Fabian (800)
Institute of Biochemistry
University of Graz
Schuberstrasse 1, A-8010
Phone: 43-316-380-5488
Fax: 43-316-380-9857

Alex Sevanian
School of Pharmacy
University of Southern California
1985 Zonal Avenue, Los Angeles
California 90033, USA
Phone: 1-213-342-1551
Fax: 1-213-224-7473

Molecular biological and pharmacological studies on acetylcholinesterase;
12 months

Zrinka Kovarik (1200)
Institute for Medical Research and
Occupational Health
Ksaverska c. 2. P.O.Box 291
10001 Zagreb, CROATIA
Phone: 385-1-4673-188
Fax: 385-1-4673-303

Palmer Taylor
Department of Pharmacology
University of California, San Diego
9500 Gilman drive, La Jolla
California 92093-0636, USA
Fax: 1-619-534-6833

RNase P-mediated restoration of fertility to genetically engineered 
male sterile rice; 3 months

Dileep Kumar P.P. (1500)
Centre for Biotechnology
SPIC Science Foundation
111 Mount Road, Chennai-600032
Phone: 91-44-235-0902
Fax: 91-44-235-1504

Venkat Gopalan
Department of Biochemistry
Ohio State University
484 West 12th Avenue, Columbus
OH 43210-1292, U.S.A.
Phone: 1-614-292-6771
Fax: 1-614-292-6773

Bound state conformation of model protein substrates to chaperone SecB as probed by ESR spectroscopy; 2 months

Vikram Govind Panse (1500)
Molecular Biophysics Unit
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012
Karnataka State, INDIA
Phone: 91-80-309-2612
Fax: 91-80-334-8535

Wolfgang Trommer
Department of Biochemistry
University of Kaiserslautern
Erwin-Schrodinger Strasse,67663 Kaiserslautern
Gebäude 54, Raum 581, GERMANY
Phone: 49-631-205-2045
Fax: 49-631-205-3419

Molecular biological studies of the human LDL receptor gene; 1.5 months

Charlotte L. Scholtz (900)
Division of Human Genetics
Faculty of Medicine
University of Stellenbosch
P.O.Box 19063, Tygerberg 7505
Phone: 27-21-938-9441
Fax: 27-21-931-7810

Steve Humphries
Centre for Cardiovascular Genetics
University College London
5 University Street
London WC1E 6JJ, UK
Phone: 44-171-209-6962
Fax: 44-171-209-6212

Dynamic cytoskeleton and its role in initiation of lateral root formation in Zea and Arabidopsis; 3 months

Galina V. Shevchenko (700)
Department of Cell Biology
Institute of Botany
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
2, Tereshchenkivska St.
252019 Kiev, UKRAINE
Phone: 380-44-2123236
Fax: 380-44-2123236

Dieter Volkmann
Botanisches Institut
Rheinsche Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universitat Bonn
Venusbergweg 22
D-53115 Bonn
Phone: 49-228-732129
Fax: 49-228-732677

Genetic control of the definition of the muscle attachment sites on the fly notum:
Roles of the prepattern genes pnr and u-sh; 2 months

Arjuman Ghazi (1500)
GKVK Campas, Bangalore
Fax: +91-80-856-1662

Pat Simpson
B.P.163-67404, Illkirch Cedex
C.U.DE Strasbourg
Fax: +33-3-8865-3201

Calcium-dependent protein kinases on signal transduction in rice; 2 months

Marina L. Martin (1300)
Fundacion para Investigacions
Aplicadas (FIBA)
Vieytes 3103-7600 Mal del Plata
Fax: +54-223-474-7120

Eduardo Blumwald
Department of Botany
University of Toronto
26 Willcock St.
Toronto M5S3B2
Fax: +1-416-978-5878

Study of tetraalkylammonium block of inactivation-deficient RIIA sodium channels; 3.5 months

Shilpa Rao (1500)
Molecular Biophysics Unit
Indian Institute of Science
Bangalore 560 012
Karnataka State
Fax: +91-80-334-8535

Simon R. Levinson
Department of Physiology and Biophysics
University of Colorado
4200 East Ninth Av/C-240
Denver, CO 80262, USA
Fax: +1-303-315-8110

Fellowships in 1998:

Molecular characterization of the genome of brewing yeasts; 2 months

Georgios Lapathitis (1500)
Institute of Physiology
Academy of Sciences
142 20 Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC
Phone: 420-2-475-2194
Fax: 420-2-444-72284
Serge Casaregola
National Institute for Agricultural Research
CLIB Labo Genetique INRA
78850 Thiverval-Grignon, FRANCE
Phone: 33-1-30 81 54 78
Fax: 33-1-30 81 54 57

Kinetic and stopped-flow studies on ferrochelatase; 3 months

J.R.Ramos Franco Tavares (1500)
Departamento de Quimica
Faculdade de Ciencias e Tecnologia/UNL
Qta. da Torre
2825 Monte da Caparica, PORTUGAL
Phone: 351-1-295-8359
Fax: 351-1-294 8550


Gloria C. Ferreira
Department of Biochemistry and Mol. Biology
University of South Florida
12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.,
MDC Box 7
Tampa, Florida 33612-4799, U.S.A.
Phone: 1-813-974-2471
Fax: 1-813-974-5798

pH- and Ca-sensitive microspectrofluorimetry of isolated rat crypts; 1.5 months

Martina Vylitova (1500)
Department of Physiology
Second Medical School
Charles University, Prague
Plzenska 221, 150 00 Praha
Phone: 420-2-5721-0345
Fax: 420-2-5721 0995
Rainer Greger
Institute of Physiology
Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg
Hermann-Herder Strasse 7
D-79104, Freiburg
Phone: 49-761-203-5175
Fax: 49-761-203-5191

Transcriptional regulation of the promoter of the EGF receptor; 3 months

Michela Prudenziati (1500)
Universita di Genova
Instituto di Biologia e Genetica
Viale Benedetto XV, 6
Phone: 39-10-3538 981
Fax: 39-10-3538 978
A.J. van der Eb
Department of Mol. & Cell Biology
Faculty of Medicine, University of Leiden
P.O.Box 9503, 2300 RA Leiden
Phone: 31-71-5276115
Fax: 31-71-5276284

Activation mechanisms of the C9 component of the C5b-9 membrane attack complex of the human complement system; 4 months

Nektarios Charalambidis (2000)
Department of Biology
University of Patras
26500 Patras
Phone: 30-61-997607
Fax: 30-61-994797
P.J. Sims
Blood Research Institute
The Blood Center of Southeastern Wisconsin
P.O.Box 2178, Milwaukee
Wisconsin 53226-3548, U.S.A.
Phone: 1-414-937-3850
Fax: 1-414-937-6284

Fellowships in 1997:

Identification, molecular characterization and expression of a porcine ZP1 gene: 2 months:

Suvro Chatterjee (2000)
Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences
and Gynecology
Jolly Grant
Doiwala, Dehradoon, UP, INDIA
Phone: 91-33-685483
Fax: 91-135-8950118
Koji Koyama
Department of Obstetrics
Hyogo College of Medicine
Nishinomiya, Hyogo 663, JAPAN
Phone: 81-798-6480
Fax: 81-798-161163

Thyroid status in human fetuses: 2 months:

Pavel Drevinek (1000)
Institute of Physiology, CzAcadSci
Videnska 1083
142 20 Prague 4, CZECH REPUBLIC
Phone: 420-2-4752554
Fax: 420-2-4752488
G. Morreale de Escobar
Instituto de Investigaciones Biomedicas
Calle Arturo Duperier 4
280 29 Madrid, SPAIN
Phone: 34-1-585460
Fax: 34-15854587

Hierarchy among non-Watson-Crick base pairs and alignment in RecA pairing reactions: 2 months

G. Karthikeyan (1500)
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Homi Bhabha Road
Bombay 400 005, INDIA
Phone: 91-22-2152971
Fax: 91-22-215211
Michael M. Cox
University of Wisconsin
420 Henry Mall
Madison, WI 53706-1569, USA
Phone: 1-608-2621181
Fax: 1-608-2652603

Techniques for establishing and maintaining human tissue equivalents: 3 months

Porn-ngarm Limtrakul (2000)
Department of Biochemistry
Faculty of Medicine
The University of Boulevard
Chiang Mai, THAILAND
Phone: 66-53-945322
Fax: 66-53-217144
R.W. Gracy
Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine
3500 Camp Bowie
Fort Worth, TX 76107-2669, USA
Phone: 1-817-7355400
Fax: 1-817-735-5485

FTIR spectroscopy of kidney Na,K-ATPase: 1 month

Holger Linnertz (1500)
Frankfurter Strasse 100
D-35392 Giessen, FRG
Phone: 49-641-9938170
Fax: 49-641-9938179
Enrico Bertoli
Universita degli Studi
Via Ranieri
60100 Ancona, ITALY
Phone: 39-71-2204673
Fax: 39-71-2204398

Naturally occurring plant quinones and insect flight muscle mitochondria: 1 month

Dominic W. Makawiti (2000)
Department of Biochemistry
University of Nairobi
P.O. Box 30197
Nairobi, KENYA
Phone: 254-2-442121
Fax: 254-2-442841
Bill Lasley
Institute of Toxicology and Environmental
University of California
Davis, CA, USA
Phone: 1-916-7528506
Fax: 1-916-7525300

Conformational changes of actin when bound to cofilin: 2 months

Yana K. Reshetnyak (2500)
Institute of Theoretical and Experimental
Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences
Pushchino 141292, RUSSIA
Phone: 7-0967-739398
Fax: 7-0967-790553
David G.Allen
Institute of Biomedical Research
University of Sydney
F13, Sydney, NSW 2006, AUSTRALIA
Phone: 61-2-93514602
Fax: 61-2-93512058

Identification and quantification of nitric oxide synthases: 3 months

Susana Vicente Rabaneda
Facultad de Farmacia
Universidad Complutense
28040 Madrid, SPAIN
Phone: 34-1-3941783
Fax: 34-1-3941782
Scan Murphy
University of Iowa College of Medicine
2471 Bowen, Science Builiding
Iowa City, IO 52242-1109, USA
Phone: 1-319-3357965
Fax: 1-319-3358930

Ty element retrotransposition : 5 months

Liliana Staleva (1500)
Institute of Molecular Biology
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
1113 Sofia, BULGARIA
Phone: 359-2-7133684
Fax: 359-2-723507
David J. Garfinkel
Frederick Cancer Research
P.O. Box B
Frederick, MD 21702-1201, USA
Phone: 1-301-8461000

Fellowships in 1996:

Studies on prothymosin using double-labeling confocal immunofluorescence microscopy: 2 months

Katerina Vareli (1000)
Laboratory of Biological Chemistry
University of Ioannina
P.O. Box 1186
451 10 Ioannina, GREECE
Phone: 30-651-28388
Fax: 30-651-33442
Roel van Driel
E.C. Slater Institute
Plantage Muidergracht 12
1018 TV Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
Phone: 31-20-5255150
Fax: 31-20-5255124

Diversity of the low-molecular-weight glutenin subunit of wheat: 6 months

Cuiyun Luo (2000)
Plant Science Department
Lincoln University
Canterbury, NEW ZEALAND
Fax: 64-3-3253843
G. Branlard
Domaine de Crouelle
63039 Clermont-Ferrand, FRANCE
Phone: 33-4-73624000
Fax: 33-4-73624453

Interaction of RBV with human Langerhans cells: 7 months

Burkhard Ludewig (2000)
Fachbereich Immunologie
Nordufer 20
13353 Berlin, FRG
Phone: 49-30-45472400
Fax: 49-30-45472603
Yechiel Becker
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem Robert-P.O.Box 12272
91120 Jerusalem, ISRAEL
Phone: 972-2-758394
Fax: 972-2-784010

Non-energetic functions of yeast mitochondria: 2 months

Alzbeta Hunakova (1500)
Institute of Animal Biochemistry and Enzymology
Slovak Academy of Sciences
900 29 Ivanka pri Dunaji
Phone: 421-7-943032
Fax: 421-7-943932
J.T. Pronk
Department of Genetics and Microbiology
Delft University of Technology
Phone: 31-15-2782387
Fax: 31-15-2782355

The protein-conducting channel of the mitochondrial outer membrane: 1 month

Klaus-Peter Kuenkele (1500)
Institut fuer physiologische Chemie 4
Goethestrasse 33
80336 Munich, FRG
Phone: 49-89-5996289
Fax: 49-89-5996270
Michel Thieffry
avenue de la Terrasse
Gif-sur-Yvette 91198, FRANCE

High-purity preparation of prolamellar bodies from aetiolated wheat seedlings: 1 month

Beata Mysliwa-Kurdziel (1500)
Institute of Molecular Biology
Jagiellonian University
31-120 Krakow, POLAND
Phone: 48-12-341305
Fax: 48-12-336907
Fabrice Franck
Department of Botany B22
University of Liege
B-4000 Liege, BELGIUM

Construction of adenoviral vectors for uncoupling mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation in mammalian mitochondria: 2 months

Zdenek Hodny (1500)
Institute of Physiology
142 20 Prague 4, CZECH REP.
Phone: 420-2-4752691
Fax: 420-2-44472284
Anna M. Gomez Foix
Facultat de Quimica
Martii Franques 1
08028 Barcelona, SPAIN
Phone: 34-3-4021209

Structure-function relationships of nicking-closing enzymes: 5 months

Aleksei I. Slesarev (2000)
Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry
Russian Academy of Sciences
117871 Moscow V-437, RUSSIA
Phone: 7-095-3364200
Fax: 7-095-3365911
Samuel H. Wilson
Sealy Center for Molecular Science
University of Texas Medical Branch
301 University Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77555-1068, USA
Phone: 1-409-772125
Fax: 1-409-7726334

Role of cysteine residues in structure and enzyme activity of maize beta-glucosidase: 4 months

Elizabeth Nanak (1500)
UTC Departement Genie Biologique
BP 529
Kralovopolska 135
60205 Compiegne, FRANCE
Phone: 33-1-48899388
Bretislav Brzobohaty
Institute of Biophysics, CzAcadSci
Phone: 420-5-41321247
Fax: 420-5-41211293

Fellowships in 1995:

Gloria de Castro-Bernas (2000)
University of Santo Tomas
Manila 1008, PHILIPPINES
R.J. Hay
American Type Culture Collection
12301 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, MD 20852-1776, USA

Viktor Chaban (1200)
3/17 Majorivka
Lviv 290038, UKRAINE
M. Whitaker
Department of Physiology
University College
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT, UK

Alena Matejckova (1200)
Institute of Physiology
14220 Prague 4, CZECH REP.
Institut de Botanique
28, rue Goethe
F-67083 Strasbourg, FRANCE

G. A. Lundberg (1200)
Dept. Medical and Technical Science of Care
P.O. Box 1323
S-70113 Orebro, SWEDEN
P.C. Newell
Department of Biochemistry
University of Oxford
Oxford OX1 3QU, UK

O. Steele-Mortimer (2000)
Department of Immunology and Pathology
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT, UK
Ban-Hock Tok
Monash Medical School
Alfred Hospital
Commercial Road Prahran, VI

A.M. Valverde (1500)
Dept. de Bioquimica y Biologia Molecular II
Universidad Complutense
28040 Madrid, SPAIN
E. Rozengurt
Growth Regulation Laboratory ICRF
P.O. Box 123
Lincoln's Inn Fields
London WC2A 3PX, UK

M. Margittai (1500)
Lipschitzallee 13
12351 Berlin, FRG
C.T. Amemiya
Unversity Medical Center
80 East Concord Street
Boston, MA 02118-2394, USA

R.M. Leon Banares (2000)
Facultad de Quimica
Universidad de Sevilla
41080 Sevilla, SPAIN
Paul Lazzeri
Dept. Biochemistry and Physiology
Rothamstead Experimental Station
Harpenden, AL5 2JQ, UK

I. Konopasek (1500)
Department of Genetics and Microbiology
Charles University
Vinicna 5
128 44 Prague 2, CZECH REP.
Kazimierz Strzalka
Jagellonian University
Institute of Molecular Biology
Al. Mickiewicza 3
31-220 Krakow, POLAND

Fellowships in 1994:

Jacek Bigda (1000)
Department of Histology
Gdansk Medical School
Debinki 1
80-210 Gdansk, POLAND
D. Wallach
Weizman Instituteof Science
Dept. Membrane Research and Biophysics
Rehovot 76100, ISRAEL

Beata Dedicova (1500)
Institute of Plant Genetics
Slovak Academy of Sciences
Akademicka 2, Center, P.O. Box 6
950 07 Nitra, SLOVAKIA
Rivka Barg
Department of Plant Genetics
Agricultural Research
The Volcani
Bet Dagan 50250, ISRAEL

Udompun Khansuwan (1000)
Department of Biochemistry
Faculty of Science
Mahidol University
Bangkok 10400, THAILAND
Ernesto Carafoli
Institute of Biochemistry III
ETH Zentrum
Universitaetstrasse 16

Roumen Pankov (1500)
Faculty of Biology
University of Sofia
8 Dragan Tsankov Str.
1421 Sofia, BULGARIA
Avri Ben-Ze'ev
Department of Molecular Genetics and Virology
Weizman Institute of Science
7610 Rehovot, ISRAEL

Sana Rida (1500)
Service d'Odontologie Conservatrice
Faculte de Medecine Dentaire
Universite Mohammed V
B.P. 6212 Rabat, MOROCCO
Marianne Grunberg-Manago
Institut de Biologie Physico-chimique
Fondation Edmond de Rothschild
13, rue Pierre et Marie Curie
75005 Paris, FRANCE

Fellowships in 1993:

Yossef Av-Gay (1500)
Department of Molecular
Microbiology and Biotechnology
Tel-Aviv University
Tel Aviv 69978, ISRAEL
D. Hopwood
Department ofGenetics
John Innes Institute
NorwichResearch Park
Norwich NR4 7UH, UK

Tayyab Saad (2000)
Interdisciplinary Technology Unit
Aligarh Muslim University
Aligarh 202 002, INDIA
Rufus S. Day
Department of Medicine
Cross Cancer Institute
11560 University Avenue
Edmonton, AL, T6G 1Z2, CANADA

M. Parramon Ponz (1500)
Instituto de Bioquimica
Facultad de Farmacia, UCM
28040 Madrid, SPAIN
A. Stephenson
University of London
23/39 Brunswick Square
London WC1N 1AX, UK

M. Pavela-Vrancic (1500)
Faculty of Natural Science
University of Split
N. Tesle 12
58000 Split, CROATIA
Hans von Doehren
Institut fuerBiochemie und Molekulare Biologie der TU
Franklinstrasse 29
D-1000 Berlin, FRG