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Guidelines for the IUBMB Jubilee Lectures

The IUBMB Jubilee Lectures are being established to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the First International Congress of Biochemistry that was held in Cambridge England in 1949 and at which the initial steps were taken that led to the formation of IUB (IUBMB, since 1991).

The IUBMB Jubilee Lectures (a maximum of 4 per year) are intended as Plenary Lectures that significantly enhance the quality of an ongoing scientific meeting, symposium, annual national scientific meeting, or educational meeting, and in particular, of symposia or annual scientific meetings of the smaller Adhering or Associate Adhering Bodies where the budget would normally allow only for local (national) and a small number of speakers from the region.

An IUBMB Jubilee Lecture shall:

  1. Be awarded when the symposium or activity, as indicated above, is not dependent on the award to become viable but the budget allows for at most, local and regional speakers.

  2. Fund a Lecturer from outside the regional organization area of the host country, someone whom the symposium budget could not accommodate.

  3. Shall consist of airfare. Where appropriate some funds to support accommodation can also be provided but the host organisation will offer free registration and is expected to contribute to local expenses. The IUBMB will not pay an honorarium. Reimbursements use the policy applicable to Plenary Lecturers at Congresses and Conferences and are to be made in consultation with the IUBMB Treasurer.

  4. Be awarded only when the host organization is not already in receipt of IUBMB funds for support of the meeting and on the undertaking that no additional application for funds will be made to the IUBMB.

  5. Be awarded within 2 months of receipt of an application made to the President Elect, the application to be submitted at least 12 months before the meeting and accompanied by sufficient information about the meeting to show that it is a worthwhile undertaking.

The invited speaker shall be named the IUBMB Jubilee Lecturer and designated as such in all announcements and programs, make a brief acknowledgement of the IUBMB and the lectureship at the beginning of his/her presentation, and render a report to the President Elect on the experience.

Proposals naming the intended Jubilee Lecturer and an alternate, and with full details of the meeting, shall be sent to the President Elect.  The application will be evaluated by the Officers of the IUBMB.

13 March 2000