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The Member for Networking, Industrial Relations and Biotechnology

The Member for Networking, Industrial Relations and Biotechnology shall:

  1. Be involved in networking on behalf of the Union and to employ the Unionís data banks to pursue the most efficient use of the Unionís resources in cooperative ventures.

  2. Be responsible for establishing, fostering and developing relations of the Union with commercial enterprises concerned with research, development and investment in biotechnology.

  3. Represent the Executive Committee in the Interest Group Committee on Biotechnology.

  4. Chair the Special Membership Committee and maintain all records that relate to its activities.

  5. Foster and develop close relations with the Special Members by seeking their active involvement and participation in the scientific and educational activities of the Union.

  6. Advise the executive Committee on matters that relate to biotechnology.

  7. Represent the union in related organizations and committees.

  8. Present to the Union the interests of the Special Members so as to better serve their needs.

  9. Meet with representatives of Special members on occasions such as scientific meetings.