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The Mission of the IUBMB is to foster and support the growth and advancement of biochemistry and molecular biology as the foundation from which the biomolecular sciences derive their basic ideas and techniques in the service of mankind. This it does throughout the world with particular concern for areas where biochemistry is less well developed, by promoting international cooperation and high standards in research, discussion, application and publication, and through international standardization of methods, nomenclature and symbols, in biochemistry and molecular biology. The IUBMB promotes the norms, values, standards and ethics of science and the free and unhampered movement of scientists of all nations interested in participation in activities related to biochemistry and molecular biology.

This the IUBMB will accomplish by:

  1. Serving as a scientific, international, non-governmental body in objectively addressing global issues that involve the sciences of biochemistry and molecular biology. Where appropriate, the IUBMB will represent these interests in governmental and non-governmental forums.
  2. Contributing to the advancement of research in biochemistry and molecular biology throughout the world.
  3. Promoting the service of biochemistry and molecular biology to society.
  4. Facilitating the development of effective channels of communication in the international community of biochemists and molecular biologists.
  5. Assisting the biotechnology industry in its contributions to sustainable development, wealth creation and improvement of the quality of life.
  6. Utilizing its global perspective to contribute toward the enhancement of education in biochemistry and molecular biology and to advance the public understanding of these disciplines and the scientific method.
  7. Making special efforts to encourage the career development of young biochemists and molecular biologists.
  8. Broadening the geographical base of the Union and ensuring that its human capital is drawn from all segments of the world community of biochemists and molecular biologists.
  9. Encouraging worldwide dissemination of information about the activities of the Union.
  10. Assuring sound management of its resources to provide maximum value for the funds invested in the Union.

EC Meeting, SFO, 13-15 May, 1999