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Terms of Reference for the Committees on Symposia and Interest Groups


The Committees on Symposia and Interest Groups shall:

  1. Promote Symposia and Interest Group meetings (i.e. workshops) on topics of current interest in biochemistry and molecular biology.

  2. In appropriate cases, encourage and if possible arrange joint sponsorship with other organizations.

  3. Receive and evaluate, scientifically and fiscally, proposals for such meetings and be proactive in stimulating applications for sponsorship.

  4. Be responsible to the IUBMB Executive Committee for all matters concerning Symposia and Interest Group Workshops and shall report to the EC on the activities sponsored or organized and shall also evaluate these activities.

  5. Establish and periodically review guidelines concerning procedures to be observed by applicants, and receive the approval of the Executive Committee for these guidelines and any substantive alterations.

  6. Especially for Symposia give particular attention to those regions where biochemistry and molecular biology are in need of support and shall have a special interest in supporting activities of the Associated Regional Organizations.

  7. Encourage sponsored events to be held jointly with other scientific meetings so as to reach critical mass in terms of optimal attendance and to reduce overheads. Such arrangements should be particularly encouraged in the case of joint meetings with an Associated Regional Organization or other member of the IUBMB.

  8. Ensure that all activities it sponsors are widely advertised in the IUBMB journals, the home page, and elsewhere.

  9. Seek to augment the Committee's budget by obtaining grants from interested bodies, by joint sponsorships and by matching funds.

  10. Require that if a publication ensues from a sponsored activity that publication shall indicate this and include the appropriate assigned number from the relevant Committee's sponsorship.

  11. Require that two months before the activity takes place application be made to the IUBMB Treasurer for payment of the grant specifying whether the payment should be by mailing of a cheque to the organization or individual or by wire transfer to a specified bank account.

  12. Provide to organizers of sponsored meetings information about the IUBMB to be given to participants at such meetings.

  13. Maintain records of all applications, keep the Treasurer fully informed of all commitments made, operate within the budgets allocated to it, ensure that meeting organizers submit full reports after the event and share these with the Committee members.

  14. Ensure that the IUBMB regulations regarding avoidance of multiple funding from different IUBMB budgets are observed.